Infocube Creation Step 2 using SAP BI 7.0

Infocube uses concept of star schema. Infocube is created using Characteristics and Key Figures.Characteristics are levels on which reporting has to be performed. For example, Product, Customer and Plant.Key Figures are measures used for characteristics. For example, sales quantity for a product, customer and location combination.In this section, we will see how to create InfoCube using SAP BI 7.0.The InfoCube creation process is some what different and is similar to ODS creation process of SAP BW 3.5. Navigation is also different as screens opens with-in RSA1.10) Select the InfoArea and right click, select 'Create InfoCube'

11) Enter name and description of the InfoCube and press 'Create'
12) The screen is very different from SAP BW 3.5, the screen is similar to ODS creation screen in SAP BW 3.5. There are folders available for Dimensions, Navigation Attributes and Key Figures
Right click 'Dimension 1' to assign a characteristics to Dimension 1

13) Enter the characteristics and press 'Continue'

14) To create new dimensions, right click 'Dimensions' folder and press 'Create New Dimensions'

15) Press 'Continue' button to create new dimension or press 'Create' to create more than one dimension at a time

16) Select 'Time' dimension and right click to add time characteristics '0CALMONTH'

17) Similarly, add Key Figure to 'Key Figure' folder by right clicking
18) Check the InfoCube for any inconsistencies and activate the InfoCube

19) InfoCube will be created as shown

In the next section we will see how to create Transformation between InfoCube and DataSource

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